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The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act serves to help the people of Illinois by providing compensation to those people who have been accidentally hurt, injured or have suffered death during employment in Ilinois. You can learn more here and here.

The Kosin Law Office Ltd. is a workers’ compensation and occupational diseases law firm. We have legal offices in downtown Chicago and LaGrange, Illinois to serve you. We handle cases throughout Chicagoland including Cook County and all the outlying counties, towns and areas – Will County, DuPage County, Kane County and Lake County.

Other issues under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act that may affect your case:

  • Many benefits under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act are related to your average weekly wage. Many times, insurers use a lower average weekly wage than the injured worker is entitled to. There may be times when the injured worker is working more than one job at the time of the injury and the employer is aware of the second job. Overtime is not included in the calculation of average weekly wage. But, if the injured worker worked overtime regularly in the period leading up to the date of injury, and that overtime was mandatory, then overtime hours can be added in to the average weekly wage determination.
  • Injured workers are entitled to treatment by two physicians that the employer must pay for. However, there are many times when one treating physician will refer the injured worker to another physician due to their medical expertise. In these events, the referral from one doctor to another still counts as one physician (chain of referral).

These are only a few of the many issues that may face an injured worker. The attorneys at the Kosin Law Office Ltd. have had decades of experience applying the intricacies of the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act for the benefit of injured workers. Fees under the Act are regulated by the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission and at the Kosin Law Office Ltd., all initial consultations are free.

Workers’ Compensation Overview

The Workers’ Comensation laws in Ilinois are intended to provide compensation to those people that have had accidental injuries, or have suffered death during the course of employment. We can help you understand how to file a claim, what the time limitations are to filing a claim, and what benefits you may be entitled to:

Types of Benefits
  • Death Benefits for remaining family members
  • Medical Benefits
  • Permanent Partial Disability (PPD)

What Employment, and What Injuries are Covered?

To understand this, we first need to understand the nature of your work injury, did the injury occur in course of your employment? These are legal terms, but they can make a difference in your compensation. For example, what if I am injured while I am taking my lunch break – am I covered? Generally speaking, if an employee never leaves the employer’s premises and the injury occurs during a lunch break on the premises, then you are covered. This injury may not have been caused due to the hazard or danger of the employment, but occurred in course of employment. As you can imagine there are many different scenarios and situations that occur whereby people get hurt at work. We need to understand ALL of the details and circumstances of your individual situation to give you the best advice and guidance.

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