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Workplace injury is a very real danger for many people. In the United States of America alone, thousands of workers will die every year while on the job. In 2014, for example, a total of 4,679 employees were killed while working. That equates to around 90 deaths every single week, and over 13 deaths every day. The numbers on injuries and illnesses that don’t result in death aren’t quite as easily available, however it’s safe to say that the number of workers who are injured or contract an illness while on the job is significant.

An Underestimated Problem
Are the numbers surprising? If they are, it’s because the issue is consistently underplayed in the by the companies involved and all but ignored in the mainstream media. As a result, this serious and all-too-common issue is vastly underestimated by the public. Many people think that worker deaths are an incredibly rare occurrence, but as you can see above, that is not the case.

Workplace injury and death is more common in some industries than in others. In some fields – writing, for example – the number of workplace injury and death cases is quite low. In others, such as factory and textile work, the number might be quite a bit higher. Which industry has the highest concentration of worker fatalities and injuries in the United States?

Work Construction Injuries and Fatalities

Out of all of the worker deaths that occurred in 2014, 20.5% of them took place in the construction industry. That is an incredible statistic! One in five worker deaths can be attributed to accidents in construction, typically on-site issues. Because this issue is especially prevalent in the construction industry, it’s important to be aware of the potential risks and also educate yourself when it comes to employee recourse.

The Fatal Four
In construction, there are four causes of worker deaths that lead the pack. In fact, they’re responsible for over half of all worker deaths in the construction field in 2014.

The fatal four are as follows:

  • Falls
  • Electrocution
  • Struck by Object
  • Caught In Between

It should be noted that the above causes of death are listed in order from most prevalent to least prevalent. Falls alone accounted for 39.9% of construction worker deaths in 2014, with electrocution, the second highest cause of death, coming in at just 8.5%. The fatal four accounted for 508 construction worker deaths in 2014, and that number has held pretty steady over the course of the past few years.

If you’ve been injured in the workplace, don’t blindly accept what your employer’s insurance is willing to offer! You might be entitled to far more than what they’re going to willingly give you – and that’s true even if your claim is denied the first time. Before you give up, consider contacting a workplace injury lawyer who understands the finer details about building cases and obtaining compensation for the victims of workplace injury.

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